Travel Stories: Monaco/Monte-Carlo, the luxurious!

425Monaco: a mixture of lust, luxury, wealth, hordes of jet-setters and fancy cars, yachts and, well.. majestic backdrops. Continue reading


Weekend Escape!

I believe we all share the same view, when saying that weekends should be for fun and relaxing, and, boy, that’s exactly what I did this weekend: Lying on the beach, with some smoothies in our hands, enjoying the sun and the sea, my friends and I decided to go on a quick trip to Volos, a town of Thessaly, just to remember what paradise may feel like! Continue reading

Edinburgh: The city of myths.. Part 1


Visiting Scotland was always one of my greatest wishes and although we didn’t have much time to explore the countryside and the highlands, Edinburgh gave us a great taste of what this mythical and stunning land has to offer! A modern yet traditional city, full of old, grey, stone buildings and cobbled streets, Edinburgh gives you the feeling that the pride of its people is flowing into the air and that the myths of this land still dwell in its parks, the stoned buildings greened from mold and the music coming from the back pipes of the street musicians. Continue reading

Brugge, living the medieval dream..

The story of our childhood? Me and my sister were always children with great imagination and tried to include castles, dragons, battles, knights and princesses in our stories-games.. Well if we knew about Brugge back then, our imaginative images could actually take an actual form. i was so excited to be there with my sister, this amazing little town with the extraordinary architecture was a great escape for us both. Continue reading