Boots on!

DSC01899Here I am, stepping out of my comfort zone for once, trying something more “rock” this time. Although my grandma was like “Are you really going to go out like this?”, I have to tell you I really enjoyed wearing this outfit, I didn’t feel so much like my usual self.. Continue reading


The White shirt..


An airy, plain, white shirt is a wardrobe essential for all ages and seasons. With its longer-than-usual length and its incorporated belt, this specific one is a very interesting variation of the classic white shirt, ideal for almost every hour of the day, during summer: Continue reading

Chic stripes..

pics iphone
This is what I wore last Saturday, for a wonderful morning spent with my mum and cousin. We did some shopping and we ended up eating at a nice restaurant at the heart of our city. The piece that I enjoyed the most wearing that day was of course these brick-orange-red brogues, they’re so chic and comfortable, I don’t know why I had them hidden in the closet for so long.. Continue reading

Some flowers and some country.. PREVIEW

 Here’s what a weekend in Athens, along with one of the coolest people I know and one of the friends I cherish the most, is turned into: We did 2 photoshoots, the first one is all about pastel colors, country feeling and a bunch of beautiful flowers to make your day!!
Goodmorning, Au revoir for now, more pictures coming this afternoon! :*

Black, Leather Skirt: 2nd look.


Here’s the second look I suggested to my cousin, using this flared leather skirt, an amazing piece, easy to combine and almost mandatory for the seasons to come! This time I wanted to see her with something more youthful and fun, that’s why we paired the skirt with a jeans shirt, a statement necklace, some nice booties, and a black leather jacket, in order to “spice it up” a little bit more and give a final edgy touch. Continue reading