Cobs and Stones..

Here’s the rest of the photos, as promised! I enjoyed this new approach very very much, I’m quite sure the girls who participated did as well and as I hope you eventually like the result as much as we do! I chose this surrounding so that nothing could distract the eye and turn it away from my models, Continue reading


Under a floppy hat..


As promised, here’s the whole outfit and the photo shoot we did yesterday. Truth is that I have already found a hundred ways to style this new Zara dress I bought during sales, but, at least as I envisioned all of them, this is by far my favorite. I admit that this outfit is a little bit too “out there” for Thessaloniki, but without the hat it could be worn for any night out. However, if you lose the hat, you lose the charm and the mystery..  Isn’t this outfit a great example of how hats can “level it up” in so many ways?  I really wish I had the guts to wear them more often.. Continue reading

Let it rain!

Well, what can I say? Although rain causes these undesirable stains on the photos, I happened to have loved the overall result ( what “saves” it is probably the effect of those glimmering drops of rain on my umbrella, they’re even charming in a way!). Cold weather is finally officially here in Greece and what’s left to say is: Let it snow, let it snow!! Ohh and Thank God someone invented rain boots! 🙂 Continue reading