Boots on!

DSC01899Here I am, stepping out of my comfort zone for once, trying something more “rock” this time. Although my grandma was like “Are you really going to go out like this?”, I have to tell you I really enjoyed wearing this outfit, I didn’t feel so much like my usual self.. Continue reading


Brugge, living the medieval dream..

The story of our childhood? Me and my sister were always children with great imagination and tried to include castles, dragons, battles, knights and princesses in our stories-games.. Well if we knew about Brugge back then, our imaginative images could actually take an actual form. i was so excited to be there with my sister, this amazing little town with the extraordinary architecture was a great escape for us both. Continue reading

Under a floppy hat..


As promised, here’s the whole outfit and the photo shoot we did yesterday. Truth is that I have already found a hundred ways to style this new Zara dress I bought during sales, but, at least as I envisioned all of them, this is by far my favorite. I admit that this outfit is a little bit too “out there” for Thessaloniki, but without the hat it could be worn for any night out. However, if you lose the hat, you lose the charm and the mystery..  Isn’t this outfit a great example of how hats can “level it up” in so many ways?  I really wish I had the guts to wear them more often.. Continue reading

Sheer floral top..


These are some of the last pictures we shot with my friend while she was here, a comfortable everyday outfit that turned out more simple than what I had envisioned it to be. I wanted to shoot this look combined with a nice hat like this one and a fur vest like this one here, but the awful cold and rainy weather  wasn’t our best ally in this one! However, I loved these pictures of her and I wanted to share them with you! So cute!
IMGP8686 IMGP8692 IMGP8696