It is a man’s world..


The fight between a woman’s masculine and feminine side is in the spotlight for too long in the fashion world to be ignored. This photo shoot was an ode to this trend, that I personally adore but I find hard to embody in my everyday life, as it seems so business-like. However, I believe in some years this will be my everyday attire, so I just have to wait for it, right? I hope you like the final result, in my opinion this was one of the best photo shoots I’ve done so far and mostly due to my wonderful model, who really fit into this theme perfectly (it’s like she’s made to hide her amazing body in this type of clothes, don’t ya think?) and made everything so so easy (a strong image was always one “click” away).  Continue reading


It is a man’s world.. PREVIEW

Here’s a short preview of the second photo shoot we did with my friend Kelly. I have to say I was blown away by the result and this is one of my favorite photo shoots so far! I am trying to do some right editing right now but when it comes  to something you create, you can’t be an objective judge, and I end up wanting to post every one and each of the shots. But, still, I promise, full post is coming today, in the afternoon!

Cobs and Stones..

Here’s the rest of the photos, as promised! I enjoyed this new approach very very much, I’m quite sure the girls who participated did as well and as I hope you eventually like the result as much as we do! I chose this surrounding so that nothing could distract the eye and turn it away from my models, Continue reading

Cobs and stones.. PREVIEW

 Joining forces is always a good thing, especially in times of crisis (no, that’s not a weird business post, don’t worry..). In this photo shoot I asked my two favorite and most used models to participate in something we’ve never done so far: shoot two outfits and two totally different people together. I have to tell you, we all had a blast! Thus, I believe this team-project thing will appear more often on the blog. Continue reading

Leather, black skirt: 1st look

IMGP0390Back with a new photo shoot, at last!! I’ve been longing to start a new “theme” for my photo shoots, and that is creating 2 different looks with one basic item, in this case this wonderful leather skirt. This is the first look, which I believe would be ideal for happy-hour times, a (first, perhaps?) date, mostly for evening appearances. Simple, chic and ladylike, I believe it’s an all-time classic combination that can never go wrong!  Continue reading