Edinburgh, the city of myths.. Part 2

IMGP0209Hey people! I’m extremely sorry for the lack of posts lately but the truth is that I started working and my free time is very limited! Well. to the point now.. During our 2nd day in Edinburgh we visited the lovely, picturesque industrial Dean Village. All the way to the village was full of exciting and just beautiful images but nothing really prepared our eyes for what we were about to see..

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Edinburgh: The city of myths.. Part 1


Visiting Scotland was always one of my greatest wishes and although we didn’t have much time to explore the countryside and the highlands, Edinburgh gave us a great taste of what this mythical and stunning land has to offer! A modern yet traditional city, full of old, grey, stone buildings and cobbled streets, Edinburgh gives you the feeling that the pride of its people is flowing into the air and that the myths of this land still dwell in its parks, the stoned buildings greened from mold and the music coming from the back pipes of the street musicians. Continue reading