Travel Stories: Paris by night!


This is the last (for now) post about Paris. I told you to expect the best of Paris to come, and this is exactly what I meant! The best in Paris come after the sunset. That’s really the time of the day to go out and explore the magic of this city. And this magic is not really hidden somewhere dusty, waiting to be revealed, but is rather all around you! If you haven’t yet figured out what I mean, I’m talking about the lights! Yes, the lights!! Lighting up not only the atmosphere or the air around you, but also your soul, your mood, your heart. This feeling you get when you first lay your eyes on the sparkling Eiffel Tower is something so difficult to explain, it’s just beautiful, every corner, every lightened shadow, the whole city! Enjoy its Majesty, the city of Lights! Continue reading


Travel Stories: Paris by sun 2!


045Here are some photos I forgot to post the last time I talked to you about “sunny Paris”. They’re taken during a walk along the Seine river and its famous “quais”, from  the famous “St Germain Boulevard” to the Ile de la Cite and the Ile St Louis.  Continue reading

Travel Stories: “Grey” Paris!


I guess I have to match my mood to my post today.. It’s been raining for the last 48 hours here in Thessaloniki and I’m definitely in a “grey” mood, sitting on my couch, drinking hot tea and watching movies non-stop. Pathetic, I know. Although I prefer Paris by sun, I have to admit that there is some nostalgia and mystery in these pictures, that immediately “transfer” you into Adele’s “Someone like you” video clip, that was shot exactly at this area of Paris, seen above. Continue reading

Travel Stories: Paris by sun!

That’s the first post of a series of posts I’ll do about Paris.. Yes, Paris, the city of light, literally the most beautiful city, in terms of actual, objective beauty, I’ve visited so far. It has a special place in my heart. It’s the only city that makes me feel so emotional I could even cry (I have to admit I actually did cry once! Haha) when I get out of the metro station, once arrived from the airport.. Well, if the “Bienvenue à Paris!” comes along with sun over the Parisian roofs, then it feels like magic! In spite of what many people claim, I believe that nothing compares to sunny Paris. During this series of posts you’ll have the opportunity to judge by yourself which one is better: rainy or sunny Paris.. Enjoy! Continue reading