Seeing Orange!

We all know by now that orange is one of the hit colors of the season and although some years ago a flashy orange outfit would look almost as if someone just got out of jail, it happens to be my summer’s favorite! I love the brightness, the playful feeling and the joy it brings to me when looking at it. And I can certify this: it is an instant mood-changer; Continue reading


Fall- Winter 2012-2013: What we saw in London!

A little bit late, but still I’m trying to keep up with long hours at work and provide you with some fashion news worth sharing. As usual, modernism and more “edgy” looks were expected from London fashion week, and that’s what designers delivered Continue reading

Fall-Winter 2012-2013: What we saw in New York!

Let’s get a little bit informed and educated people;P.. In my next posts I’ll try showing you my favorites from the top fashion weeks of the world: New York, London, Milan, Paris, just to share my taste with you who have already seen the shows or let you know what’s coming next season, for those of you who haven’t yet had a chance to dig into the vogue archives Continue reading

Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture Collections, Paris

Here’s what all the lucky people who were invited to these shows saw during this last week. For all of us common people, it’s a chance to dream and guess what we’ll be seeing on the red carpet in the upcoming months. It’s sad that, taken the difficult times of economical crisis we’re going through, fewer and fewer haute-couture collections are presented every year, but at least we have the opportunity to celebrate some of them. I’ll present the collections from well-known fashion houses that were presented in Paris, from my favorite to my least favorite one and I will be waiting for your thoughts. Continue reading

My ultimate online gift guide!

Christmas is almost here, bells are almost ringing, the ginger-breads are almost in the oven.. Christmas is my favorite time of the year (as I imagine yours too),not just because of the lights, decorations, celebrations but also because everyone is able to offer and to receive love to and by his/her loved ones. Combined to the idea of Santa, Christmas withholds the idea of offering love through gifts.. Well, gifting is not always simple, not when you really want to stand out. It’s true that what matters most is the gesture but this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to put some thought in it and personalize every gift we’re offering. So, in order to help you make some choices, I picked my favorite items that could be offered for Christmas from my favorite on-line shops: not expensive, interesting and original, I believe they can make you make the difference without costing you a fortune. Plus, you can do everything from the comfort of your couch! Continue reading