At Ghent with my sis! Back to fairyland!!



I have to admit something: The more I see from this city, the more I want to go and live there for some time. I have already talked to you about the sleeping beauty of Ghent (here and here) and this time I visited this town was just a confirmation of everything I thought of as a sweet summer memory. Continue reading


Travel Stories: Ghent- The “hidden” treasure (Part 2)


Here’s the second part of this travel story, and the best pictures in my opinion! If you think you’ve seen enough of Ghent, I guess you’ll easily change your mind with this post.. You’re just one “Read More” tag away from finding out for yourselves.. I’ll say no more, Enjoy!!! Continue reading

Travel Stories: Ghent- The “hidden” treasure (Part 1)

What you’re about to see are neither remnants of a long-forgotten medieval city, nor a well preserved movie set! They are pictures taken in a real- not-so-modern (in a good way of course) little town, located in the Flemish region of Belgium. I am sure you cannot feel the same way we felt the first time we lay our eyes on this amazing riverside and these imposing buildings that stood tall and rigid, even frightening before us, like their only purpose was to remind us how much more beautiful the world used to be, how much we’ve lost for the sake of development (yes, I am a hopeless romantic, and this town made me feel like I was in Wonderland!). Well, just to justify my title, Ghent is not another pretty little town, it’s magical! Continue reading