Swan story..


Just a quick outfit post, showing off our newest purchase from Brussels, this stunning “Essentiel” leather burgundy jacket, which we found at 70% off at their store in Brussels and of course didn’t resist to the “challenge”. Continue reading


Brussels with my sis!


I’ve been to Brussels 4 times in just one year , I know, crazy, right? One of my most beloved people in the world was there, that’s why! But this time it was more special, as it was the first time I actually had such super company or anyone at all to accompany me to my strols around the city, my lovely sis, that’s who!We tried the local specialties (fries, mussels, carbonnade, and many more), drank some excellent beers, did some exquisite shopping and ate awesome chocolate till we dropped! It was a delightful week (hope for my sis too, I was her guide in Brussels and in the other cities we visited). In this post i will try to take you with us on our stroll around my favourite spots in Brussels, starting from the Parc de Bruxelles, to the Place Royale, the Sablon, the Mont des Arts and the Grande Place. Oh, I guess it’s the first time I post pictures from Brussels but I have tons more to share with you. By the next time, get yourselves confused with our twin-type resemblance and try to figure out who-is-who in the pictures! Enjoy! Continue reading

A l’orient- Asian Museum.

To my great surprise, this place is actually located in Brussels, just one or two kilometers away from one of the main Brussels-attractions: the Atomium. We visited the place once at night (unfortunately my camera ran out of battery that time, so I couldn’t show you how amazing the Japanese tower and the Chinese pagoda looked with the all the lights, the night mist and mystery). I knew I had to go back there to shoot some real pictures in front of these jeweled oriental buildings. Well, doesn’t it make you feel like you’re actually in China, or Japan?? I imagine how amazing it would feel to be there for real!! Dreams may come true though, right? Continue reading