Long love..

IMGP1258After a long pause, due to a broken leg (my mum’s, not mine) and some great load of work during these past few weeks, I’m back with a new post, a photo shoot we did (hmm almost two weeks ago, no judgement, please..) with two of my closest friends, Artemis and Danae. I wanted them both to wear something long, just because long dresses and jumpsuits are so “in” this season. I know it was pure harassment, but for once we wanted to take some pictures of Danae not smiling (that girl seems to have a wide smile constantly “glued” on her face, haha) and I think we did it! I was very pleased with the result, I liked the scenery very very much and I was very excited for my two new models, don’t you also think they looked absolutely fabulous? Have a look at the pics and feel free to comment. Big kiss, have a great month (oh, and a happy summer, hurrayyy!!)! IMGP1152 IMGP1167
My girls were wearing: Danae: H&M dress, Miss Sixty sandals; Artemis: LAK jumpsuit, Boss sandals, Furla bangles.IMGP1187 IMGP1249 IMGP1285 IMGP1290 IMGP1162


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