Travel Stories: Monaco/Monte-Carlo, the luxurious!

425Monaco: a mixture of lust, luxury, wealth, hordes of jet-setters and fancy cars, yachts and, well.. majestic backdrops. Situated around a beautiful, steep Mediterranean bay, Monaco is a dream destination for most people desiring to explore the -not so simple- joys of life.. The landscapes and the view from the hills surrounding Monte Carlo are breathtaking, they definitely make you want to spend hours gazing at them. Must dos: Visit the exotic gardens and admire the view from up there, have a coffee at the Cafe de Paris, just outside the famous casino, walk at the marina and allow yourselves to be left with your jaw dropped when you see these enormous yachts (some even have a heliport on their board, pretty amazing, huh?) and last, but definitely not least: go shopping!! Haha ;P xxx459 448 441 439 415 411 404 397


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