Travel Stories: Cannes, the glamorous!


Lately I was longing for some new travelling adventures, as I am one of those people who seriously can’t have enough of travelling and soaking up new experiences, smells, images.. But just because of the lack of time lately, travelling is not really an option.. Work leaves me with only a weekend free and although I try to do some one-day or weekend excursions near the sea, being abroad is not the same. So, just to get over this travel-sick feeling I started looking at some pictures from last year the other day, from the trip I did around this season, last year and I said to myself, if you cannot have some new experiences right now, why not re-live some old ones? It’s just that South France and the Cote d’Azur seems so up-to-date right now (just before the Cannes festival, huh?). Well, I can still smell theĀ bougainvilleas, feel the sea breeze and, gosh, what wouldn’t I give to be there again.. I will post some more travel posts this week, all coming from South of France and Monaco (excited??), let’s see if you can mind-travel with me and relax with this too. Let me know your thoughts!259 260 263 265 266 265 268 273 282 285 286 289 292 294 300 301 304 307 309


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