Weekend Escape!

I believe we all share the same view, when saying that weekends should be for fun and relaxing, and, boy, that’s exactly what I did this weekend: Lying on the beach, with some smoothies in our hands, enjoying the sun and the sea, my friends and I decided to go on a quick trip to Volos, a town of Thessaly, just to remember what paradise may feel like! Volos is widely known for its “tsipouradika” (local taverns, where you can enjoy your tsipouro -a drink resembling to ouzo- combined with some delicious fish delicacies) and the laid-back kind of feeling, pretty present in the atmosphere of the city. The combination of sea and mountain that Volos provides (as it’s close to Pilio, the mountain of the Centaurs, as mythology dictates) makes it a dream-destination, ideal for all ages and all types of explorers. Enjoy the pics! What did you do this weekend? (Fingers crossed the weather continues to be this amazing here!) Have a great week (Holy week for Greeks) everyone!
Some images from the center- port of Volos:DSC01804 Βολος-Απριλιος20133

We chose a beach at Afissos (at Pilio), and most precisely the beach bar-cafe 6 Keys: a magical place!DSC01678

 Some last pics of our tsipouradika-times: fun times, indeed!DSC01786 Βολος-Απριλιος2013 Βολος-Απριλιος20134 DSC01793


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