New Goodies!

These are my latest purchases, all from local shops. I’ve turned to a social responsibility kind of mentality these past few years and I’m always trying to help the local community, when I can. Plus, little boutique owners are very welcoming and the whole experience feels like you’re going shopping with your bestie. So here’s what I picked from some great shops in Thessaloniki:

An Italian-made, orange, plain leather bag,cause orange is so hot this year and makes my day just by looking at it and a camo suede leather clutch, to bring some vibe to my spring nights out. Bought at Νεηλυς boutique, 6 Proksenou Koromila str, Thessaloniki.
Ok, that was actually a gift for my graduation, which I personally adored. It was bought at a local boutique called Juvia, info hereIMG_0888
After some time searching, I think I found the perfect nude pumps, so chic and timeless at Galleria di Scarpe boutique,info here!   IMG_0895


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