MICHAEL Michael Kors fashion show @ Roi Mat club!

Last Saturday I had the chance to attend the MICHAEL Michael Kors show that took place at Roi Mat, a night club in Thessaloniki, as part of their closing for the season party. It was an event sponsored by the top department store in Thessaloniki, Attica and many other luxury shopping destinations, such as Kalogirou stores and many others. We all had the chance to admire the wearable, colorful and interesting summer collection of the designer. Simple and elegant lines, sequins, and lots of colors were presented, but it was mostly the accessories that made my heart leap.. Enjoy the pictures and remember that you can fin all the clothes at Attica, Mediterranean Cosmos.
IMGP0876 IMGP0879 IMGP0881
My favorite piece was this floral dress!IMGP0883 IMGP0884 IMGP0892 IMGP0897 IMGP0899
I loved this combination- those printed trousers are amazing, don’t you agree?IMGP0901 IMGP0904 IMGP0908 IMGP0910 IMGP0911 IMGP0916 IMGP0920 IMGP0923 IMGP0925
My sister:IMGP0934
Me and a fiend of mine:IMGP0950


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