Some flowers and some country (music)..

I love watching the people I photograph in different styles from those they’re actually used to and here’s a perfect example of how versatile someone can be: Kelly is a swimmer, her daily outfits consist of athletic leggings, tracksuits, sneakers and puffy jackets (everything that looks amazing on an athlete..). But this time I wanted to see her in something more romantic that would reflect another aspect of her personality. The only thing missing from this photo shoot was a fine old guitar and some low cowboy-like booties, just to give the exact feeling we wanted. What do you think? Do you like the outfit?
IMGP0651 IMGP0656 IMGP0668
Kelly was wearing: Bag: Bershka, Jeans shirt: Zara, Boots: Miss Sixty, Skirt: vintage
IMGP0674 IMGP0685 IMGP0688 IMGP0700 IMGP0703 IMGP0710 IMGP0711


2 thoughts on “Some flowers and some country (music)..

  1. polu wraio kai to upoloipo meros ths fwtografishs!! 🙂
    eisai polu glukia!!
    kai o mikros sou filos a3iolatreutos 🙂
    xxx maria (giveaway on my blog!!)

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