Cobs and Stones..

Here’s the rest of the photos, as promised! I enjoyed this new approach very very much, I’m quite sure the girls who participated did as well and as I hope you eventually like the result as much as we do! I chose this surrounding so that nothing could distract the eye and turn it away from my models, the focus was entirely on them (and the beautiful clothes they’re wearing). In the end the scenery really matched the feeling that I wanted to give through this photo shoot and the overall result was overwhelming. Seeing these pictures makes me think of how important everyone and each of us is individually, but how much stronger and more “powerful” we become as part of a team. Imagine a lonely cob, now imagine a field full of cobs.. Which one do you like the most?

Do you like the result? I’d love to have some feedback from you!
Emmi was wearing: Imperial blouse, H&M leather leggings, Roberto Venuti booties, Longchamp bag
Ermina was wearing: Zara jumpsuit, Topshop leopard booties, Prada bagIMGP0531 IMGP0563 IMGP0596 IMGP0602 IMGP0623IMGP0633 IMGP0643 IMGP0600 IMGP0618IMGP0576 IMGP0532 IMGP0555IMGP0620IMGP0584 IMGP0641 IMGP0524IMGP0627 IMGP0608 IMGP0609



2 thoughts on “Cobs and Stones..

  1. Μπράβο, όχι, ΜΠΡΑΒΟ! Εντυπωσιακό! Και πρωτότυπο.. Good job! Τώρα “which one do you like the most” δεν μπορω να πω, θα αδικήσω κάποιο από τα 2 main models σου…

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