Leather, black skirt: 1st look

IMGP0390Back with a new photo shoot, at last!! I’ve been longing to start a new “theme” for my photo shoots, and that is creating 2 different looks with one basic item, in this case this wonderful leather skirt. This is the first look, which I believe would be ideal for happy-hour times, a (first, perhaps?) date, mostly for evening appearances. Simple, chic and ladylike, I believe it’s an all-time classic combination that can never go wrong! Thousand thanks to my beautiful cousin Emmi, for posing for this series, I believe she’s getting more beautiful every day! These portraits left me speechless (worthy to note that her eyes in the close-ups were not photo-shopped at all, it’s just natural beauty)!

Emmi was wearing: Nisan skirt, Zara top, Alise cardigan
IMGP0381 IMGP0386 IMGP0395 IMGP0398 IMGP0403 IMGP0409 IMGP0411 IMGP0427


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