Sporty Mood..

While the weather gets sunnier every day, it still remains kind of strange here in Greece, it was really cold today, don’t let yourselves be fooled by the sun.. I just long to say bye bye to all the heavy, uncomfortable winter clothes and go out bare legged again, in a floral attire.. Pretty soon I hope..Well, today we made our usual Sunday-morning-stroll at the seaside with our dog, Yuri, that makes him so energetic and happy; sometimes I am sure he even smiles widely during these walks. That’s what my sister put together, a pair of men jeans, jeans shirt, a hoody and a leather jacket to stand the temperature out there, her adored Adidas originals sneakers and a hat to give an extra boyish- something to the outfit. Doesn’t it speak “90’s” loud and clear??


iphone14 iphone15  iphone17


2 thoughts on “Sporty Mood..

  1. Hi there!

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