Edinburgh, the city of myths.. Part 2

IMGP0209Hey people! I’m extremely sorry for the lack of posts lately but the truth is that I started working and my free time is very limited! Well. to the point now.. During our 2nd day in Edinburgh we visited the lovely, picturesque industrial Dean Village. All the way to the village was full of exciting and just beautiful images but nothing really prepared our eyes for what we were about to see..

We paralleled the grand arcs to those appearing in the Lord of the rings (though underground, in Moria) and we were carried away by how un-touristic this place was, like a small hidden oasis in the middle of the city.. After that we headed to the port, to Leith, had lunch and returned to the city to enjoy some breathtaking sunset colors in the sky. I cannot but leave a comment on the weather, that was a 100% with us on this trip! People in Edinburgh hadn’t seen the sun in over 2 months before we went there and.. well.. general truth.. the sun makes everything look a lot more appealing!  IMGP0131IMGP0137IMGP0141IMGP0142IMGP0147IMGP0149IMGP0151IMGP0155IMGP0156IMGP0160IMGP0162IMGP0164IMGP0172
My sister was wearing: Ugg boots, Essentiel leather jacket, Napapijri scarf, Francesco Biasia bag.
I was wearing: Aigle booties, BSB peplum top, Stefanel coat, Replay jeans, Accessorize bag.


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