Edinburgh: The city of myths.. Part 1


Visiting Scotland was always one of my greatest wishes and although we didn’t have much time to explore the countryside and the highlands, Edinburgh gave us a great taste of what this mythical and stunning land has to offer! A modern yet traditional city, full of old, grey, stone buildings and cobbled streets, Edinburgh gives you the feeling that the pride of its people is flowing into the air and that the myths of this land still dwell in its parks, the stoned buildings greened from mold and the music coming from the back pipes of the street musicians. My favorite moment? Just after the sunset, seating on a bench up on Calton Hill, admiring the unforgettable view. In this first post you’ll have the opportunity to see some pictures from the touristic area of the city, the old city, the castle and the famous Royal Mile. I’m sure I’ll be back one day, until then I can even daydream of the majestic, humbling beauty of a gaze up the castle at sunset, listening to nostalgic tones of the back pipe.. I believe such moments will stay forever in my mind and heart!!
IMGP0005 IMGP0008 IMGP0009 IMGP0013 IMGP0017 IMGP0018 IMGP0026 IMGP0039 IMGP0055 IMGP0057 IMGP0061 IMGP0068 IMGP0069 IMGP0071 IMGP0073 IMGP0076 IMGP0088 IMGP9726 IMGP9730 IMGP9731 IMGP9735 IMGP9736 IMGP9737 IMGP9745 IMGP9748 IMGP9765 IMGP9769 IMGP9771 IMGP9778 IMGP9786 IMGP9787 IMGP9792 IMGP9798 IMGP9803 IMGP9809 IMGP9811 IMGP9819 IMGP9835 IMGP9844 IMGP9848 IMGP9858 IMGP9861 IMGP9866 IMGP9868 IMGP9890IMGP9884 IMGP9900 IMGP9931 IMGP9944 IMGP9946 IMGP9952 IMGP9960 IMGP9962 IMGP9993 IMGP9996 IMGP9998
I was wearing: Zara dress, H&M coat, Accessorize bag, Aigle booties
My sister was wearing: L’Essentiel jumper, Ugg boots, Zara leggings, Stefanel coat


2 thoughts on “Edinburgh: The city of myths.. Part 1

  1. Ax ti mou ekanes tora…. Se kathe sou eikona eixa k mia anatrixila!
    Ekei einai to spiti mou, k mou leipei toooso poly!
    Kathe mia foto sou k ena simeio pou patane ta podia mou…
    Poly ta efxaristithika k ta 2 sxetika sou post!

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