Brugge, living the medieval dream..

The story of our childhood? Me and my sister were always children with great imagination and tried to include castles, dragons, battles, knights and princesses in our stories-games.. Well if we knew about Brugge back then, our imaginative images could actually take an actual form. i was so excited to be there with my sister, this amazing little town with the extraordinary architecture was a great escape for us both. The day was special (St Valentine’s day), we even saw a man proposing to his future wife next to the river, such a romantic scene, like it was taken out of a film. I very much enjoyed the calmness of the city this time, I guess it’s a “dead season”, and compared to having thousands of tourists in the streets, preventing you from walking normally, I definitely preferred this situation (I’ll post the photos from summer soon, just to see how different this place looks through different seasons). However, it was the craziest- coldest day I’ve experienced this year, the rain was pouring all day long, the wind was cold and the temperature minus 0 degrees. But still, the beauty of the place, a cup of hot coffee, some cupcakes, chocolate and a glass of great regionally brewed beer balanced things out, even let us forget about the weather. OK, no more words, I’ll let you enjoy the beauty of this place, and I would definitely like to have some feedback. Would you like to visit this treasure little town too?IMGP9459 IMGP9461 IMGP9463

My sister was wearing: Stefanel coat, Marc by Marc Jacobs wellington boots, Francesco Biasia bag, H&M beanie, Furla scarfIMGP9469 IMGP9471 IMGP9472 IMGP9482 IMGP9488 IMGP9496 IMGP9526 IMGP9530 IMGP9535 IMGP9539 IMGP9545 IMGP9547 IMGP9549 Talking about freezing cold!IMGP9551 IMGP9558
I was wearing: H&M coat, Massimo Dutti pants, Pianura studio blouse, Horse power bag, Ugg boots
IMGP9561 IMGP9567 IMGP9573 IMGP9580 IMGP9585 IMGP9588 IMGP9594 IMGP9597 IMGP9599 IMGP9605 IMGP9610 IMGP9615 IMGP9616 IMGP9621 IMGP9631 IMGP9634 IMGP9641


One thought on “Brugge, living the medieval dream..

  1. Wow! The scenery is breathtaking! I definitely want to visit this place some time!! But I can tell from the photos that the cold was freezing you to death.. I can barely see Hermione’s face with all the clothes she is wearing! Haha..
    Oh, and please post those summer photos!!!

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