Swan story..


Just a quick outfit post, showing off our newest purchase from Brussels, this stunning “Essentiel” leather burgundy jacket, which we found at 70% off at their store in Brussels and of course didn’t resist to the “challenge”. My sister is one of these girls who, when watching a small pond full of swans, go crazy and start shouting at their sister “Take a picture of this one, oh and this one’s so cute. Don’t miss this duck, she’s so beautiful!” until all the ducks and swans disappear from our sight, (maybe??) because of her loud tone. Well who am I kidding? I love her carefree, even childish behavior so much and sometimes I even try to provoke it as well, for example taking her to my beloved Woluwe park, where I knew this behavior would come out, was precisely and carefully planned.. Canny girl, I know! I also took her to one of my favorite patisseries in Brussels, that of the japanese patissier “Yasushi Sasaki” just to see her expression of ultimate glee and gratitude (ok, and to have another of his amazing cakes, with chocolate, framboise and caramel, yummy!!). Hmm, guess I’m a great sister..

IMGP0326 IMGP0331 IMGP0333 IMGP0335 Outfit: “l’Essentiel” jacket, Zara leggings, Accessorize bag, Fornarina scarf
IMGP0336 IMGP0339 IMGP0343


One thought on “Swan story..

  1. Χαχαχαχαχαχα!!! Ακούγεται τόσο Ερμίνα αυτό που είπες.. Είναι σαν να την βλέπω μπροστά μου να τρελαίνεται με τους κύκνους και να βγάζει αυτή την χαρακτηριστική τσιριχτή φωνή!

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