At Ghent with my sis! Back to fairyland!!



I have to admit something: The more I see from this city, the more I want to go and live there for some time. I have already talked to you about the sleeping beauty of Ghent (here and here) and this time I visited this town was just a confirmation of everything I thought of as a sweet summer memory. By far my favorite little town in Belgium, Ghent, with its peaceful, though immense beauty, surprised my sister too, making me content, watching her smile all the time like a kid. A plus this time was the visit we paid to the medieval castle of the city, where the BBC crew was filming scenes for the “White Queen” series, I surely haven’t heard of it but I’ll look for it and have my ears open (as we were informed it has something to do with the wars of the roses)! The moment we entered the castle and saw the actors dressed as knights, the princesses with the beautiful hair, it was like we were completely transferred to another era, and, man, did we like it!

Enjoy the pictures and travel through time with us! IMGP9333 IMGP9340 IMGP9343 IMGP9344 IMGP9345 IMGP9348 IMGP9357 IMGP9365 IMGP9366 IMGP9367 IMGP9372 IMGP9373 IMGP9377 IMGP9378 IMGP9379 IMGP9381 IMGP9384 IMGP9389 IMGP9391 IMGP9400 IMGP9403 IMGP9406 IMGP9408 IMGP9415 IMGP9431 IMGP9416 IMGP9417 IMGP9419 IMGP9420IMGP9350 IMGP9354IMGP9436 IMGP9440 IMGP9445 IMGP9447 IMGP9448


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