From Brussels with love!!

Sorry for being absent for the whole week, I’m currently in Brussels without a PC, so updating the blog is quite difficult. I’ll give you an insight of the way I spent last week here by showing you some pictures taken with my iPhone.

20130211-102911.jpgsnapshots of my endless walks around the city

20130211-102956.jpgAt the botanical garden..

20130211-103016.jpgfirst 3 pics:at the city center; last 3: at Porte de Hal

20130211-103023.jpgthe meals we prepared during the week: steaks with delicious potatoes, pasta with pancetta and mushrooms, stifado(traditional Greek food)

20130211-103035.jpgSome snapshots from the “Yves Saint Laurent: visionary” exhibition, it was marvelous!! And more views of the city.. And as you can see from the last pictures, now we have snow! And I have an unbearable urge to go out there and play like a little kid! Xoxo lots of love my friends!!


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