Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture Collections, Paris

Here’s what all the lucky people who were invited to these shows saw during this last week. For all of us common people, it’s a chance to dream and guess what we’ll be seeing on the red carpet in the upcoming months. It’s sad that, taken the difficult times of economical crisis we’re going through, fewer and fewer haute-couture collections are presented every year, but at least we have the opportunity to celebrate some of them. I’ll present the collections from well-known fashion houses that were presented in Paris, from my favorite to my least favorite one and I will be waiting for your thoughts.

1. Armani PriveArmani Prive1 Armani Prive

Different, innovative and inspiring shapes, eye-catching color combinations, trendy stripes,  the skirt-over-trouser trend on the spotlight again and shimmering fabrics. The Armani team definitely had me with the first look of the collection, but it was the dazzling details and accessories that brought it first on my list! Do you see these necklaces?? Just WOW!!

2. Valentino Valentino Valentino1
From the mid-length dresses with these adorable tutu-like skirts, till the long shaped ones, well.. I’m all in, once more! Valentino always holds one of my favorite shows, owing to the romantic essence, omnipresent in their designs and shows. We had the chance of seeing some serious princess-material dresses, with sheers, lace or these two combined, floating on and filling the runway (and my dreams as well..). I can definitely imagine stylists of several Hollywood personas fighting over this red-sheer marvel, can’t you?? Guess we would all fight for that!

3. Giambatista ValliGiambatista Valli
Black, pastels, lace, luxurious shapes and fabrics, a small doze of extravaganza, an extremely huge doze of charm and elegance. In one word that summarizes the show: CHIC,CHIC,CHIC. And those appliqué flowers, wish they had used them more! Loved the dresses! Oh and this dusty-pink, weird, stunning gown-jumpsuit!

4. Christian DiorChristian Dior
Simplicity and elegance combined, for a genius result! Interesting volumes, unexpected details, bold colors (look at this canary-yellow super gown!) for one of the most timeless collections. Let’s wait for more great looks by Marion Cotillard then!!

5. Elie SaabElie Saab
Loyal to his adored by her fans style, the sheer lacing, the beading and the unbelievable craftsmanship, Elie Saab made us dream once more that one day, maybe one day we could lie our hands on one of these almost-surreal dresses, maybe use it as a wedding dress, just as Gossip Girl’s Blair did. Oh, yes dream on!

6. Maison Martin MargielaMaison Martin Margiela
Statement pieces that, despite the bold colors, the loud patterns, and the sequins, remain faithful to the innovative simplicity that this fashion house promotes through its designs and even go into the sport-chic sphere. I love the zipper details, I adore the colored pieces of the collection and I can’t but admire the breathtaking styling!

7. Jean Paul GaultierJean Paul Gaultier
A very interesting and varied collection, that included variant styles and inspirations for sure (something that I didn’t really comprehend or like in the end). There were some gypsy influences, some eastern ones, for example look at the shape of these sequined and sheer pants, they remind me of those of princess Jasmine’s. Loved the interpretation of the stripes-trend on a grand scale and I mostly admired the patchwork pieces (though I would never opt for something like this). As for the last dress I chose to include in this collage, well, don’t you just imagine Mrs Gisele Budchen shining in it?

8. ChanelChanel
I suppose they aim at a most definitely older age group with their haute couture collections, I wasn’t very much impressed with the patterns or the shapes. The colors, on the other hand were just beautiful, some fairy dresses like the one pictured above really caught my eye and the accessories.. just brilliant, once again! Oh, not to mention the styling, that was, once more, one of the best among those of all the collections. By far the best close-up shots, if you just have a look at them on vogue.fr, due to these feathers and the amazing make up!

9. Atelier VersaceAtelier Versace
Versace is never one of my favorite, I guess their creations are too loud for me, but I loved some excellently crafted and chic pieces, like the first two ones. I don’t really advocate their choice of using fur,especially for the summer, but I have to admit that it constituted an inspired detail.


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