Travel Stories: Lyon, the city of “la gastronomie francaise”, Part 2


In this second part of the Lyon travel story, you have the opportunity to see pictures from my second excursion there, accompanied by my lovely sister this time. Admire the views of the city, my favorite places in Lyon as well as pictures of one of the most incredible meals I’ve had in my life so far! Let me break it down for you: For an unforgettable breakfast or snack head to the Boulangerie du Palais, the kingdom of “pralines” (a typical regional delicacy). It’s situated in the heart of Vieux Lyon and I would visit Lyon a hundred times just to have one of their “Allumettes aux pralines”. Make sure you try their bread with chocolate, their amazing brioches and the excellent pizzas!
Second stop, for lunch or dinner: Chez Louise, at Vieux Lyon as well. We tried the Salad with foies des oiseaux, the salade lyonnaise, and the quennele. It’s very hard to explain what these dishes contained but everything was delicious!
Last but not least, if you’re in mood for something sweet, just ask how to go to Pignol, a local woman recommended it to us exactly in a similar situation as described above (We kept asking if someone knew a nice patisserie in Lyon, our sugar-level was so low after a day spent at the shops..). Well, after trying, I understood why she said it’s the best patisserie in Lyon! Words cannot describe the flavor, the bliss these pastries brought us!
Enjoy the pictures, I hope you’ve already eaten for the day, otherwise you’re gonna get hungry! Don’t say i didn’t warn you! XXX)

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4 thoughts on “Travel Stories: Lyon, the city of “la gastronomie francaise”, Part 2

  1. Αμαν βρε παιδάκι μου! Που χάθηκες τόσο καιρό; Το παραμέλησες το blog σου.. Και περισσότερο εμάς τους φανατικούς σου οπαδούς… Απαιτούμε post καθημερινά όπως πιο παλιά!

  2. Θα συμφωνήσω με τον προλαλήσαντα!! Νομίζω πραγματικά ότι αρχίζω να βλέπω με άλλο μάτι την γαλλία!

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