THE Scarf and the Lights..


Just before the end of the Christmas holidays, despite the extreme cold, I persuaded my cousin to pose for something different this time: A very casual, comfortable and colorful look, ideal for strolls around the city, coffee/ lunch/dinner with friends or family. I have to admit, though, that the ultimate inspiration was a cozy evening at the mountains, after many exciting hours of skiing during the day, spent right next to a huge fireplace, with a cup of tea in your hands and your fingers tied around it, trying to capture every tiny dose of heat extracted from this cup.. Oh yes, I often dream of the mountains and the landscapes there, I really hope to visit them soon (in desperate need of a trip, yes,yes)!

Now that I have set the background/ scene, don’t you think that this is THE scarf made for such an excursion? I loved it since the moment I saw it, it is huge (can even be double-wrapped around my neck), super cold-wind-proof and… well.. so so pretty!! I even wear it with my pajamas at home! The extra something was the fact that I bought it in a clearance, at almost 70% off it’s actual price. IMGP8857IMGP8814 IMGP8833 IMGP8844 IMGP8847 IMGP8810IMGP8848 IMGP8861

I have some beautiful portraits to show you from this day, some amazing portraits actually, for one of which I was super-excited (jumping-all-around-in-joy excited). Coming up tomorrow on the blog..

Scarf: Fornarina, Booties: Minelli, Bag: Juicy Couture



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