Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture Collections, Paris

Here’s what all the lucky people who were invited to these shows saw during this last week. For all of us common people, it’s a chance to dream and guess what we’ll be seeing on the red carpet in the upcoming months. It’s sad that, taken the difficult times of economical crisis we’re going through, fewer and fewer haute-couture collections are presented every year, but at least we have the opportunity to celebrate some of them. I’ll present the collections from well-known fashion houses that were presented in Paris, from my favorite to my least favorite one and I will be waiting for your thoughts. Continue reading


Travel Stories: Lyon, the city of “la gastronomie francaise”, Part 2


In this second part of the Lyon travel story, you have the opportunity to see pictures from my second excursion there, accompanied by my lovely sister this time. Admire the views of the city, my favorite places in Lyon as well as pictures of one of the most incredible meals I’ve had in my life so far! Continue reading

Travel Stories: Lyon, the city of “la gastronomie francaise”!!


The first time I visited Lyon, last October (that’s when these pictures are from) I didn’t expect much, no one has ever spoken of this city to me.. Most people, when they’re talking about France they most certainly imply Paris. But, as you’ll come to understand after some weeks, (I’ll focus on posting travel stories from France for some time) France has a lot more to offer than just the beauty of Paris.
Lyon is a real jewel, I was completely blown away by the beauty I saw when we got to the river, the old city is a quiet and picturesque place to stroll around, your eyes and your mind can get seriously relaxed after a walk around the city. What stands out, Continue reading