Shine bright!


No better time of the year to shine than Christmas time, that’s for sure! Here I have for you another suggestion for one of these numerous special nights of the season: A silver- sequin dress, ideal for those of you who definitely don’t want to stay unnoticed.. Bare in mind to keep everything else “quiet”, we don’t want big earrings or necklaces (no necklace at all would be the best choice actually), a pair of crystal earring or a stack of slim bracelets would do just fine! There’s a fine line between sequins making you shine and sequins-overload making you look goofy, so do never overdo it! Otherwise, no one will be able to see you or your face shine, and that would be a pitty! What do you think? Would you like to try something like this this year? And steal a little bit of glamour and shine from your shimmering clothes?

Oh and I almost forgot mentioning my wonderful cousin, Emmi, who assisted me this time! I think she looks amazing in this dress and I had so much fun taking pictures of her! Thank you darling! A real beauty, don’t you think?
IMGP8880 IMGP8892 IMGP8895 IMGP8897 IMGP8900 IMGP8909 IMGP8911 IMGP8914 IMGP8915 IMGP8921
 Jus d’ orange dress, H&M tights, ASH heels, Links and Loisir bracelets.


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