Travel Stories: Paris by night!


This is the last (for now) post about Paris. I told you to expect the best of Paris to come, and this is exactly what I meant! The best in Paris come after the sunset. That’s really the time of the day to go out and explore the magic of this city. And this magic is not really hidden somewhere dusty, waiting to be revealed, but is rather all around you! If you haven’t yet figured out what I mean, I’m talking about the lights! Yes, the lights!! Lighting up not only the atmosphere or the air around you, but also your soul, your mood, your heart. This feeling you get when you first lay your eyes on the sparkling Eiffel Tower is something so difficult to explain, it’s just beautiful, every corner, every lightened shadow, the whole city! Enjoy its Majesty, the city of Lights!

The Moulin Rouge and the Montmartre at night:238 235 234 232 231 230 227 223 193

Near the Tour Eiffel:185 177 076 073 071
View from the top of the Arc de Triomphe:
158 156 155 153 151 147    053


At the Avenue des Champs- Elysees!049 046 042 040 039

Near the Pantheon:079 081 080The pictures were taken last year, during my stay in France.These past few days (and I believe it’ll continue for some time) I can’t stop thinking about last year, the fun I had during that semester I spent in France, the true friends I made there, the incredible moments we spent together and how much I miss them! This time last year I was getting ready for the last week in France with my friends, drinking wines, partying and dancing and for my last trip in Paris with my friend Magdalena, the result of which you’re able to see in this post. I hope you enjoyed it!


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