New In: the Bonbon purse!

That’s one of the souvenirs I got in Belgium, the candy bag from the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection. I couldn’t miss the event so, when in Brussels, I went for an early shopping adventure that day! Well I have to admit things were very mild, nobody was screaming or running over others to get what he/she wanted (as in my one and only experience of such events in Greece, after which I just felt sorry for myself for going there and watching pathetic behaviors like these mentioned above). Thanks to Belgian people for changing my mind and making it an even pleasant excursion to the stores! That pair of earrings is also from H&M, i wasn’t sure about them in the first place, but then i found them on a jewelry offer so I felt I was kinda obliged to get them.

Now I’m seeing these two in the pictures, I think I’ll take them both out for drinks tonight! I love the color combination!

Did you get anything from the collection?


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