Westernize it.. Denim shirt & Fringe skirt

After reuniting with my other half (my twin sister), I figured it was about time we take her for a stroll (by we I mean my dog and I). The upper goal was to dress her in a cowboy-rocky style (it happens to be a trend of the season), take some stunning pictures of her and show you the result! To my view, mission is accomplished! I was seriously blown away by the result, I guess she became more beautiful after almost 15 days of not seeing her.. Or, if not, it means I missed her too much. Anyway, at least I was once more exactly where I feel comfortable being, behind the camera! Do you like the combination and the pictures? Would you go for something like this to hit the road?And the sweetest creature, my dog, jumping over some weeds.

The outfit: Zara skirt, H&M denim shirt, Backpack bought in Italy, “les petites parisiennes” Boots, Pimkie beanie, H&M jewelry,


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