Travel Stories: Antwerpen- a diamond city (at night)!

Here’s how I viewed Antwerpen during a night-walk around the city: An extremely vibrant, variant, beautiful, modern (without losing its architectural flemish magic) city, full of colors and different smells. Maybe it was because of the late hour (meaning my stomach was aching from hunger), but Antwerpen excited me with all these amazing picturesque restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as with the smell of chocolate, wandering in the air all around us, coming from some of the world’s best chocolateries. The train station- one of the most beautiful stations I’ve seen (or maybe the most beautiful)..I love watching inside the restaurants and cafes, observing people and behaviors (I don’t stare too much, don’t worry, i just get a glimpse). I couldn’t resist looking in the windows of some amazing places (or at least that’s what they looked like) in Antwerpen. Here’s a sample:
What I ate at the restaurant “DE TALOORKES”-definitely recommended!! 
And, at last, the amazing styling at the Dries Van Noten store in Antwerpen (the designer’s hometown- how cool is that?):


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