Cupcakes yummy knit!

A casual look, wearing my favorite (and most comfortable) knitted jumper. Everytime I put it on, it makes my day! Isn’t it the cutest? It’s from the parisian brand syncoo, whose clothes I totally adore, they’re always of the best quality, with cute prints and nice fit. Plus, with an excellent value for money! Continue reading


My ultimate online gift guide!

Christmas is almost here, bells are almost ringing, the ginger-breads are almost in the oven.. Christmas is my favorite time of the year (as I imagine yours too),not just because of the lights, decorations, celebrations but also because everyone is able to offer and to receive love to and by his/her loved ones. Combined to the idea of Santa, Christmas withholds the idea of offering love through gifts.. Well, gifting is not always simple, not when you really want to stand out. It’s true that what matters most is the gesture but this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to put some thought in it and personalize every gift we’re offering. So, in order to help you make some choices, I picked my favorite items that could be offered for Christmas from my favorite on-line shops: not expensive, interesting and original, I believe they can make you make the difference without costing you a fortune. Plus, you can do everything from the comfort of your couch! Continue reading

Westernize it.. Denim shirt & Fringe skirt

After reuniting with my other half (my twin sister), I figured it was about time we take her for a stroll (by we I mean my dog and I). The upper goal was to dress her in a cowboy-rocky style (it happens to be a trend of the season), take some stunning pictures of her and show you the result! Continue reading

Travel Stories: Namur, the capital of Wallonie

We visited Namur for an afternoon walk and dinner. Although the city is very small and not as vibrant as other cities in Belgium (at least not at night, when we visited it), it achieved to capture my attention, mostly due to the beautiful shops and lights we saw when we were walking around the city. I firmly believe that it would be a lot better if we went in the morning, at least we would be able to admire the view from the top of the Citadelle. But what’s done is done, and I can always go back, right? However, the thing that really marked that night (as well as many more nights after that) was the taste of the delicious crepes we ate at a small cozy restaurant, that’s haunting me till now.. You’ll have the chance to see some pictures of it and from the city below.. Enjoy!! Continue reading