Denim, Denim, Denim..

I guess I’ve set my sights on showing you every possible way there is to wear this denim shirt! Gosh, I’m seriously obsessed with it, it’s the easiest piece of clothing to combine, keeps you warm but doesn’t make you sweat, ideal for the current temperature in Greece, buttoned or unbuttoned, looks great with jeans, any pants (literally), leather skirts (soon you’ll see a post projecting exactly this combination..) and.. well.. pretty much everything that can cross your mind!
Today I wore it with my Esprit jeans, H&M vintage-like floral T-shirt, a grey knit, present from a beloved friend, my Minelli booties and a simple patent-leather bag. What do you think?

Oh and it just occurred to me! After this nice weather with clear atmosphere is over, I’ll do a tribute to this indispensable piece of clothing, showing you all the combinations it inspired me to do.


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