Travel Stories: “Grey” Paris!


I guess I have to match my mood to my post today.. It’s been raining for the last 48 hours here in Thessaloniki and I’m definitely in a “grey” mood, sitting on my couch, drinking hot tea and watching movies non-stop. Pathetic, I know. Although I prefer Paris by sun, I have to admit that there is some nostalgia and mystery in these pictures, that immediately “transfer” you into Adele’s “Someone like you” video clip, that was shot exactly at this area of Paris, seen above. Well, melancholy is such a stronger emotion than joy to me. And maybe Paris is actually made to let you experience some stronger inner feeling after all.. To have you magically drown into the city’s “joie de vivre” but, in the end, they’re these grey moments that really stigmatize your heart and mind.
Anyway, enough with my melodrama, I hope you enjoy these pictures! An I’d love to hear you opinion.. Which “mood of Paris” do you prefer?024 105 101
I guess by showing you the pictures I have confessed what you should do if you ever face rain in Paris: walking along the Seine will leave you with priceless memories (if you can,  accompany this walk with nostalgic music), visit the numerous interesting cemeteries in Paris for some “Hitchcock”- spooky stories, or otherwise, if you prefer not to get wet at all, visit the museums of the city and avoid the parks!


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