Doggy Love!

Everyone who has a dog is familiar with this feeling of great eagerness to go home after work and see his/ her little (or huge, doesn’t matter..) love wagging his tail, while jumping all over the place out of happiness.. The weirdest (and most lovely) thing is that this is exactly the reaction you get, every day, every time your doggie lays its eyes on you (or to be true, sniffs your smell), even if the period you spent apart was just 30 minutes.. They are wonderful creatures, and, well, it’s pretty obvious that I’m a dogs-person. 

A few words about my outfit: Today I played it safe, casual and chic, combining some basic and all-time classic pieces for a typical day. What I want to point out though, is that when earlier this day I made a visit to H&M, i realized that this above-the-pelvis combination (aka the white-cream top and the jeans shirt) looked great with every pants I put on! It’s really a what-to-wear(?) day savior!

Pants: Massimo Dutti, Top: Zara, Shirt: H&M, Boat Shoes: Texter, Foulard bought in Istanbul, Watch: Oxette, Bracelet: Loisir


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