The printed scarf

Big, colorful, pieces-of-art accessories, like this particular silk scarf, have a double effect on me (and I believe on most of you):a) They can put me out of the typical frustrating question “What can I wear to “colorize” my monochromatic- black-grey outfit and make it more interesting?” and b) they make my day (color is always a helper in bad-mood days, remember that!!).By the way, do you remember this awesome mini skirt? I introduced it to you about a week ago, worn by my sister (click here to see the photos). Well, I have to confirm that it never left my skin during this week! Oh, feels great when you know you made a great choice- buy!Stay tuned for some evening takes we shot when it was completely dark outside! I’ll upload them later today!

Thanks to Thanos, for taking the pictures, I hope you like the result!

Skirt: Good Look, Sweater: Zara, Shoes: Fratelli Karida, Scarf: McQ,


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