“Edgy” à la plage..

After a lot of thought and consideration, here’s the result of the photo shoot we did the other day at a beach near Thessaloniki. The scenery was amazing, the light was mysterious, exactly as it is supposed to be just minutes after the sun set and the whole experience was amazing, i enjoyed it to the fullest (I hope the other participants did as well). I am amazed and really satisfied with what we’ve got. With this concept I just wanted to see what happens when some things that seem irrelevant in the beginning, are mixed together, what’s the result of winter-mood clothes mixed with the sea scenery, what’s the feeling they create. I chose the long black skirt to give an “edgy” detail to the outfit, as well as to have the possibility to “play” and experiment a little bit with the wind and slow speeds. I’ll say no more, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. What’s the feeling you get? Do you like the result?

My beautiful model was one of my closest friends, Giota, a blogger herself too. Along with another amazing girl, Savina, they started this “journey” about a year ago and they’re doing an amazing job, keeping us posted with inspiring outfits and new trends (check the blog here)!

I’m planning on posting some close-ups in the next days, cause -as if this is not pretty clear in this post- she’s one of the most photogenic people I know, with a killer smile that’s worth to be seen on the blog!

Oh, I almost forgot! The knitted sweater and the skirt are from the super-duper, all-time- favorite brand Zara, booties are from Killah and the bracelets Giota is wearing are from Jewelicious (Handmade Jewellery).

I’m eager to see your reaction, comments etc! Gros bisou!


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