At the tire-shop..


That’s a random visit to the tire-shop, haha! I guess only when someone has me with him! Well I particularly like the “destroyed” places, if I may call them, when in the middle of the mess and disorder, beauty prevails! In the end, I loved the way this scenery turned out to be perfect for photographing this outfit, consisting of an H&M shirt, all-time classic Converse All-Stars, some volume around the neck and the new entry to our wardrobe, this “Good Look” skirt with fringes (something tells me, you’ll see a lot of it here on the blog)! 



I guess I’l ask permission to go and shoot there quite sometimes per week!


2 thoughts on “At the tire-shop..

  1. Wow, what a unique place for a photo shoot! But it is a huge success, the MAIN Model managed to do the trick and surprised us all! I can’t wait for her next post… Go Main Model!

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