Travel Stories: Ghent- The “hidden” treasure (Part 1)

What you’re about to see are neither remnants of a long-forgotten medieval city, nor a well preserved movie set! They are pictures taken in a real- not-so-modern (in a good way of course) little town, located in the Flemish region of Belgium. I am sure you cannot feel the same way we felt the first time we lay our eyes on this amazing riverside and these imposing buildings that stood tall and rigid, even frightening before us, like their only purpose was to remind us how much more beautiful the world used to be, how much we’ve lost for the sake of development (yes, I am a hopeless romantic, and this town made me feel like I was in Wonderland!). Well, just to justify my title, Ghent is not another pretty little town, it’s magical! Noone has ever spoken of this city to me before (I guess Belgian people really know how to protect their treasures) and it would be a shame to keep you in the dark too.  I just want to tell you one more thing before I let you have a taste of what Ghent looks like: It was the first day, after a long time, I couldn’t keep my smile hidden!!! A huge thanks to Viktor for taking me there, oh and to Belgians for preserving this town so well!

the first view we had of the city center

can you notice the smile??

Inside the castle..

An amazing cafe- restaurant we found built where an old market used to be..

Walking by the riverside..

Amazing or what??

Spooky stories.. But the smile never left my face..

Some comments on the outfit: I chose to wear perhaps the best purchase I made during sales this summer, my Replay denim dress, my beloved Arche ballerinas and a borrowed shirt. It’s hard to see my barely visible small purse (I chose to carry just the necessary with me- aka money and cellphone- wise decision!), it’s a Diesel one, bought many many years ago, but I still love it!

To be continued tomorrow!! Bisous!!


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