Travel Stories: Paris by sun 2!


045Here are some photos I forgot to post the last time I talked to you about “sunny Paris”. They’re taken during a walk along the Seine river and its famous “quais”, from  the famous “St Germain Boulevard” to the Ile de la Cite and the Ile St Louis.  Continue reading


Denim, Denim, Denim..

I guess I’ve set my sights on showing you every possible way there is to wear this denim shirt! Gosh, I’m seriously obsessed with it, it’s the easiest piece of clothing to combine, keeps you warm but doesn’t make you sweat, ideal for the current temperature in Greece, buttoned or unbuttoned, looks great with jeans, any pants (literally), leather skirts (soon you’ll see a post projecting exactly this combination..) and.. well.. pretty much everything that can cross your mind! Continue reading

Travel Stories: “Grey” Paris!


I guess I have to match my mood to my post today.. It’s been raining for the last 48 hours here in Thessaloniki and I’m definitely in a “grey” mood, sitting on my couch, drinking hot tea and watching movies non-stop. Pathetic, I know. Although I prefer Paris by sun, I have to admit that there is some nostalgia and mystery in these pictures, that immediately “transfer” you into Adele’s “Someone like you” video clip, that was shot exactly at this area of Paris, seen above. Continue reading

Autumn red!


Today (finally) we woke up in autumn mood, lower temperature than other days, having the chance to show off our latest purchases! 😀 I bought this H&M bowler hat last week, it looked so cute, I couldn’t resist! Well most of the times I don’t ever get to wear the hats I buy, cause I find them really fancy to just go out for a coffee, but this time it was different! It’s small, cute and stylish, giving an extra something to everything I match it with. The other new piece, is this wine-red (great trend of the season) shirt with the cutest knitted detail at the back. I bought it from a small boutique here in Thessaloniki, at a very affordable price and I couldn’t be happier with my choice! Normally, the red-red looks kind of tacky to me (except if the fabric is amazing, or the form of the clothe is really neat and simple), so I always go for mixed/dirty-red colors. I’ve also noticed that these not blood-red colors look better on most people! What do you think?

Continue reading

Doggy Love!

Everyone who has a dog is familiar with this feeling of great eagerness to go home after work and see his/ her little (or huge, doesn’t matter..) love wagging his tail, while jumping all over the place out of happiness.. The weirdest (and most lovely) thing is that this is exactly the reaction you get, every day, every time your doggie lays its eyes on you (or to be true, sniffs your smell), even if the period you spent apart was just 30 minutes.. They are wonderful creatures, and, well, it’s pretty obvious that I’m a dogs-person.  Continue reading