Hello world!

Hi there!! Bonjour le monde! As this is my first post I would like to first welcome you all!

I think I am supposed to say a few words about why I want to start a blog. Well, my passion for fashion and photography is the main reason, and these two are what I want to combine in this blog and share with you. Aesthetics was always a big deal to me, I love watching how fashion evolves season by season and most of all seeing those amazing photo shoots in the magazines (my favorite being Vogue France!!). I don’t follow fashion in a “fashion victim” way, I’m always heading for the things I can support, the personal style is what really matters in the end! I would love to see the world embrace their differences and create a personal style that suits their personality and their body!

And this takes me back to the blog itself. What will you be able to see here?

The concept is intriguing (hopefully for you too) and can actually involve many of you! Let me explain myself: I will be styling some looks for different people (REAL PEOPLE: friends, family, or even random people I find in the streets), take some pictures of them and post the best of them on the blog. You will also see some self-portraits for sure, as well as a personal travelling- archive that will be gradually enriched. You’ll also have the chance to get informed about fashion as I’ll be doing a follow-up of the best fashion news I read at the end of each week. Generally, you will have the opportunity to interact liberally via my Twitter or Facebook accounts, get inspired, comment, discuss and contact me via the email vestiaireouvert@gmail.com.

Thanks so much for reading this rather long post, I hope I see you around!!!!

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